The YETI Locker Room Story

Yeti Locker Room began in 2017 as a subdivision of Yeti Hockey LLC. Founded in 2017 by Rob Kirchofer, John Kirchofer and Kevin Grant. The three Omaha natives began their business by selling hockey sticks and grips at local rinks and quickly identified a need for team uniform designs with a more personal touch. Rob took his knowledge and passion for graphic design and started creating some cool, and truly unique, jersey/uniform designs that quickly helped us to build the following that Yeti Hockey has today. 

Since then, we have expanded Yeti Hockey into several different core offerings including:

  • Custom Team Jerseys and Uniforms

  • Team Gear and Apparel Stores

  • Yeti Hockey and Yeti Lacrosse Apparel and Accessories

We continue to push the envelope of Hockey and Lacrosse uniform design by continually growing and evolving our product offerings while also expanding our reach to new markets.  Our love of this business is a close second only to our love of sports. Specifically Hockey and Lacrosse!

Give us a try and see what the buzz is about!


The Yeti Locker Room Team