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YETI Locker Room is proud to offer the best Custom Jerseys in the game!

**Turnaround time is 3-4 weeks from the time payment is made.**

We will design you a one of a kind sports jersey that is sure to turn heads on and off the playing field. We offer both cut and sew options as well as full sublimation. 

Whether you have a design concept in mind or you want us to design something for you, we aim to please and will not settle for anything other than your 100% satisfaction in our design process.

Fill out the information request below or contact our Sales Department with your inquiry ( and let us help get you started!

If you are unsure of the difference in uniform types, read on below for more information…

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a cutting-edge printing method for synthetic fabrics that brings the precision of digital technology to the art of apparel design. 

How does sublimation work?

Rather than embroidering or screen printing a design, sublimation applies the pigment directly into white fabric in a vibrant and colorfast way.

The sublimation process begins by printing the design on paper using sublimation inks. The paper is then put on top of the chosen fabric. Using a heat press machine, the paper is pressed and heated to the material. The ink vaporizes and is applied into the material. The paper is removed and discarded, leaving behind your newly customized item!


What is the difference between a “cut and sew” jersey and a “sublimated” jersey?

Traditionally, most uniform vendors provide cut and sew jerseys, which are jerseys that are built in pieces by colored fabric and then sewn together. Through this process, you are limited to certain selection of fabric colors as well as cuts. Sublimated jerseys are built in sections, however, any design you can imagine can be pressed and infused into the material. The sections are then sewn together. When you see fades and other unique designs and accents on a jersey, most likely it was sublimated! 


Why choose sublimation?

Sublimation is the easiest way to get a unique look for your jerseys, uniforms or other garments and makes a lasting impression. Unlike screen print or heat transfer applications, sublimated designs will not fade or chip after numerous washes. Sublimation costs the same no matter how many different colors and accents you choose. Another great advantage to using sublimation is weight. By sublimating your complete jersey (logo, numbers, and color patterns) there is no added material thus reducing the weight by as much as 50%! Sublimation is the easiest way to create a truly unique product by submitting your design or letting us create a custom design for you.

Pro Style Jersey Options

Looking for something more like the pros wear? These high end jerseys are made from higher end,  thicker materials, and custom made with your logo patch embroidered on the front, stitched on player names and numbers and other pro details. There’s added costs associated with this option, but don’t you think it’s worth it to look like the pros?!

Embroidered twill patch:


Stitched on Player Names and Numbers: