Custom Dyed Lacrosse Heads

The Yeti Studio is the place to come to get custom dye jobs on lacrosse heads. Your lacrosse stick should show the personality and flair that matches your game! We aim to please and have a full arsenal of dyes and stencils in order to create a truly unique and one of a kind lacrosse head for you. We can do as much or as little as you’d like when it comes to creating your dyed lacrosse head. Whether it's just a one color dye job you are after or you want a more complex design pattern with multiple colors; We will make something that is sure to have you coming back time and again. 

Below are some frequently asked questions we get from our customers. If you have a unique idea or we don’t address your questions below, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

What type of head can you dye?

The best heads to dye are brand new white lacrosse heads. We can dye lighter heads darker, meaning we can put black over yellow, or navy blue over light blue, but 99% of the heads we dye are fresh from the store white heads.


What about used heads?

Dyeing a used head is really difficult and not recommended. Therefore we do not currently dye used heads. We do offer blank white lacrosse heads at fair prices so we can always provide the head if you don't have a new one.

Does dyeing void the manufacturer warranty?

In most cases dying a head WILL void the manufacturer warranty. Therefore dye at your own risk. 

Can you do something special or unique based on my idea?

The answer is Maybe... We won't know until you ask and we determine if it is doable or not. We do love a challenge so just ask!

What’s the process?

Once we settle on a design, you have two options. You can either send us the brand new white head you already have or you can purchase one of our heads and we will use that for your custom job. Yeti Lacrosse heads are high quality and are perfect for dying, but we understand if you have your own head that you are just "dying" (no pun intended) to customize. Once we receive it, we’ll need 2-4 weeks to complete the dye job and send it back. In many cases we can move much faster, but it all depends on the current back log of orders and how complex the design you want is. Just ask and we will give you an estimate on time.

All jobs require a 50% up front deposit, with the balance due when we’re done the job. 

We look forward to creating a masterpiece with you! Reach out to get started today! Message us here