Grip Instructions

Make Your Stick Happy!

Installation Instructions:

Prep work:

Remove any tape, glue or residue that may be present on the handle of your stick. The handle should be as clean as possible before applying your new YETI grip.  

Make sure to have mild liquid soap handy as well as a bowl of warm water and a towel or dishcloth.


  • Put 1-2 drops of MILD liquid soap on tip of index finger.

  • Rub index finger over the top buttend of the stick. Don't overdo it. Just a thin coating of soap on the butt-end of the stick will allow the grip to slide down the handle and into place.
  • Get the inside of the Yeti grip wet using warm water.

  • Work the bottom of the grip onto the buttend of the stick using the soap as a lubricant.
  • Use a dish towel in order to get a good grip on the rubber as it may be damp.
  • Twist the grip onto the stick, it will slide down due to the soap and water.
  • Twist it into place and allow it to dry for at 4-6 hours.


Removal Instructions:

Prep work:

YETI Hockey/Lacrosse Grips are reusable.  Follow the instructions below for removing your grip: 

Make sure to have mild liquid soap handy as well as a bowl of warm water and a towel or dishcloth. You will also need a butter knife or spoon with a handle.


  • Get water in between the grip & the stick on both ends of the grip. Then you will want to dry the outside of the grip with a cloth or dishtowel

  • Grab a butter knife or spoon with a long flat handle. Add some dish soap to the tip of the handle, and slide the handle in between the grip and stick.

  • Repeat step 2 on all sides of the grip, entering from both the top and the bottom of the grip for each side.

  • Work it off with the spoon or knife helping to loosen the grip.  Add additional soap and water as needed to help get it off.

  • Grip will return to original shape within a few minutes. 

  • Once the grip is off, rinse away all leftover soap. Make sure inside of grip and stick are dry before reapplication.